Inside the Inferno

Inside the Inferno

With exclusive access to the world’s largest fire fighting organisations, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA), this two part series is the most comprehensive examination ever attempted of the science of big fires. Filmed using ground-breaking techniques that reveal the awesome power of fires and the immense effort that goes into fighting them the battle rages as we go Inside the Inferno.

  • Inside the Inferno Episode 1

    No nation is as ravaged by fires as Australia. It is the every-present force that shapes our land and people. Every summer threatens to explode into an inferno, yet despite repeated disasters, this enemy remains largely unknown to us. Why is it so deadly, and how can we fight it?

  • Inside the Inferno Episode 2

    For decades our ways of fighting bushfires had hardly changed- rickety fire trucks, rakes and wet blankets were the only weapons of choice. But in the past few years fire-fighting has been revolutionised with an array of technology, much of it making the transition from warzone to the fire zone. With each new fire season, new weapons are being brought to the battle, along with a greater understanding of how fires behave in Australian conditions.